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Bluetest OTA Test System

瑞典Bluetest公司的”高效益微波混響室小天線特性量測系統”,就是為了協助廠商在開發多媒體移動通訊及個人電腦無線周邊用小天線特性測試方面提供最先進的測量手段。他可以較常規方式快上幾倍的速度量測小天線的”總輻射功率(Total Radiation Power/TRP)”、”全向靈敏度(Total Isotropic Sensitivity/TIS)”,並可測量多天線系統的”分集增益(Diversity Gain)”、”信道容量(MIMO Capacity)”、”信息處理能力(Throughput)”…等,不僅可節省大量時間,而且可以進行與通訊質量密切相關的許多新參量的測量。
用途 :
法規 :
Bluetest AB公司為3GPP與CTIA會員,其系列產品符合法規要求與測試。

Reverberation Chamber Technology

A reverberation chamber is essentially a large reflective enclosure, or cavity, that will resonate when signals are introduced into it. These resonances makes microwave signals reverberate, similar to how sound reverberate in an enclosure.
As signals bounce off the walls and objects in the chamber they interfere. This constructive and destructive interference of multiple signal reflections form cavity modes. A reverberation chamber adds special stirring functions to move the points of constructive and destructive interference around in the chamber. By proper stirring, multipath fading effects can be distributed in a statistically well defined and repeatable way inside the chamber. This multipath fading environment is particularly appropriate to today’s small, multi-purpose and high data rate wireless devices.


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RTS65 OTA Test System

650MHz to 12GHz (43.5GHz)
Application: 2,3,4,5G,WiFi,Iot,Bluetooth...etc

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RTS25 Wireless Test System

2.4–2.5 GHz, 5.0–6.0 GHz, 6.0–7.125 GHz
Application: WiFi,Iot,Bluetooth...etc

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RTS95 Large device testing

Live person measurements
400 MHz – 12 GHz (43.5 GHz)

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