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PMF-801C Power frequency Magnetic field Immunity System

PMF-801C Series power-frequency magnetic field immunity testing system is developed and manufactured by LIONCEL, which meets the requirements of the latest IEC 61000-4-8 standards and GB/T17626.8-2006 standards. It can fulfill all the test requirements specified in the standards.


1.Modular design, can extended for other test such as pulse magnetic field immunity test and damped oscillation magnetic field immunity test.
2. Color touchscreen control, built-in IEC standard level;
3. RS485 host computer port, realize remote control.
4. Advanced coil technology and professional material selection.
5. Distortion rate of magnetic field is less than 8%.

Technical parameter:

Magnetic field intensities : 1A/m ~ 100A/m continually adjustable (continuous mode)
                                      100 A/m~1000A/m continuous adjustable (short time operation,5s)
Total distortion rate of output current : <8%
Duration of magnetic field :  1s~999min(long-term) /  1s~5s(short-term)
Interval of magnetic field :  1s~99min
Magnetic direction :  Horizontal, vertical, 360 °rotation, and can move up and down (0-1.8 meters), support proximity method and immersion method.
Magnetic field frequency : 50Hz or 60Hz

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