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LSE-545CB Surge & Burst Combined Test System

LSE-545CB is the test system which combined surge testing with burst testing, so that it is highly integrated and efficient. The module could fully qualified kinds of standards IEC61000-4-4/-5. Provide you more efficient and accurate EMC.


1. Capacitive color touch-panel provides a friendly and powerful interface for users controlling the machine.

2. Users can program the test directly on the menu, which is the real intelligent operation in test;

3. Self-calibration function built-in for users’ convenience.

4. Design of several interface----- besides General interface RS485 and Ethernet port, LSE-545CB could support WIFI interface for mobile-phone or iPad operation.

5. Surge and burst modules both use High voltage&high speed semiconductor switch to ensure the perfect interference wave and performance.

6. Max peak value of testing voltage is 5kV,ensure test margin you need.

7. Highly integrated.


Industrial equipment, electric power meter, automotive electronics, medical equipment, lighting equipment, communications equipment, audio and video equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, electronic components, electric tools, information technology equipment, rail&aerospace electronics, Instruments and Apparatuses.

EFT Generator

Output voltage : 0.2~5kV (+10%)
Pulse frequency : 0.1kHz~1000kHz(continuous adjustment is available)
Polarity Positive/Negative/Automatic change : Impedance 50Ω
pulse-front : 5ns±30%
Pulse width(50Ω): 50ns±30%
Pulse width(1kΩ): 35ns~150ns
Burst time : 1~500 pulses
Repetition time : 0.1s~60s (Continuous adjustment is available)

LSG Generator

Output voltage : 0.2~5kV (+10%)
Output currency : 0.1~2.5kA(+10%)
Polarity Positive/negative/automatic change 
Output wave
Open circuit voltage wave:Raise time:1.2us±30% Pulse width: 50us±20%  
Short circuit current wave:Raise time:8us±20% Pulse width: 20us±20%
Impedance : 2Ω/12Ω/40Ω 
Pulse interval : 10s~600s(1s step)
General parameters
Phase synchronization :  Asynchronous/Synchronous 0 to 359°(In 1°step)
Function : Interfere injection of any phase by program, IEC test level built-in voltage stepping test
Coupling/decoupling network : Built-in, Single-phase Three-wire, AC250V/16A, DC30V/16A
Screen : Android color touch-screen
Interface of software : RS485(scalable)、Ethernet port、WIFI
Power : AC220V 50/60Hz
Size : 19''/4U
Weight : 20kg

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