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Conducted Emission (CE)

Conducted Emission (CE) 是指電子設備在操作時產生的電磁干擾,通過導線或電源線進入到電源網絡中,可能會對其他設備造成干擾。CE 測試是一種用於測量這種電磁干擾的測試方法,通常用於確定設備是否符合相關的電磁兼容性(EMC)標準和規定。

在進行 CE 測試時,測試人員會將設備連接到一個測試環境中,其中包括一個功率線電源網絡。然後,測試人員會使用一個類似天線的測試設備來測量設備產生的電磁干擾。通過分析測試結果,測試人員可以確定設備是否符合相關的 EMC 標準和規定。

CE 測試的結果可以用於幫助設計和製造符合 EMC 標準和規定的設備。此外,這些測試還可以確保設備在實際操作中不會對其他設備造成干擾,從而確保整個系統的穩定性和可靠性。
總之,Conducted Emission (CE) 測試是一種用於測量設備產生的透過導線或電源線進入電源網絡的電磁干擾的測試方法,可用於確定設備是否符合相關的 EMC 標準和規定,並確保整個系統的穩定性和可靠性。

Conducted Emissions Test Setup

What is Conducted Emissions Testing?
Your device creates electromagnetic energy and a certain portion of it will be conducted onto the power supply cord.
In order to restrict the amount of interference your device can couple back onto a power supply, test labs measure these emissions (usually from 150 kHz – 30 MHz, and verify that they comply with specified limits.
This helps to ensure that the local power supply remains relatively ‘clean’ and nearby devices won’t be affected by your device. 

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Conducted Limit

You can see the FCC’s conducted emission limits for class A and class B devices. You’ll notice that class B limits (for domestic environments) are more strict, probably because the number of devices expected in a household is large, and users want to be sure that devices won’t interfere with each other through conducted noise on the AC power supply.

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