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VDS2093 Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions and Voltage Variations Immunity Test System
電壓瞬降, 電壓瞬時跌落,短時中斷,電壓漸變之抗擾性測試設備

LIONCEL VDS-2903 DC voltage dip simulator with high reliability and high precision specially designed for the characteristics and requirements of DC voltage dip and short interruption immunity test.


1. Fulfill the testing requirements of IEC61000-4-29 and GB/T17626.29.
2. Color touchscreen interface;
3. External DC source is used to provide EUT power, good performance in configuration flexibility.
Excellent voltage switching characteristics (switching time less than 50 s), fully meet the standard requirements.

EUT voltage(UT) : 0~400VDC
Dip duration  : 1~9999ms adjustable
Dip interval  :  0.1~99.9s adjustable
Dip times  :  0~9999
100 Ω load  : Overshoot voltage≤10%UT
characteristic : Switching time≤50μs
EUT capacity : DC400V/30A
Interface :  Color touchscreen
Upper computer port : RS485
Size :  19''/4U
Weight : 18kg

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