Pulsed Magnetic Field Test system

Pulsed magnetic field test system of LIONCEL can simulate the pulsed magnetic field generated near industrial facilities, power plants, medium/high voltage substations. It has the advantages of smooth pulse waveform, stable performance, easy operation and reducing repeated investment. It provides a standard and ideal basis for evaluating the performance of pulsed magnetic field immunity of electrical and electronic equipment.


1.  Pulse current output up to 3000A to meet the needs of different user groups.

2.  Color touchscreen control interface;

3.  Write test program directly and quickly by interface, truly intelligent testing.

4.  Imported high voltage power supply, stable voltage output, voltage

5.  Built-in calibration factor to facilitate calibration.6.Standard RS485 port, provides Windows software, automatically generates test reports, can achieve programmed management.

Meet the standards:

IEC61000-4-9  B/T17626.9

Tchnical Prameter:

Output magnetic field strength5000A/m
Distortion rate of current waveform<8%
Rise time of current waveform6.4us
Pulse width of current waveform16us
Pulse polarityPositive/negative/positive-negative index
Pulse output modeAutomatic
Pulse output times1~9999
Pulse interval10~99秒