Lighting Surge Test System

SCU -614A with 510CB

LSG series intelligent lightning surge test system, as an important part of “EMC puzzle” series, is composed of powerful host, excellent surge generator and coupling decoupling network module, which fully meets the requirements of the latest standards


1. Ultra high contrast color touch screen;

2. This machine can write test program directly and quickly to realize the intelligent test operation;

3. Built in calibration factor, convenient for users to calibrate equipment by themselves;

4. RS485 interface and upper computer software are equipped as standard to realize upper computer operation and automatically generate test report;

5. The imported high voltage power supply is adopted, the voltage output is stable, and the voltage accuracy can reach ± 5%;

6. Modular design architecture, free collocation of generator module and coupling decoupling network module.

Meet the standards:

IEC 61000-4-5:2005 ed.3   GB/T 17626.5-2008   ANSI C62.41/ ANSI C62.43

YD/T 993   GB/T 24338.3   GB/T 24338.4   GB/T 24338.5

Technical Parameter:

Output waveCombination wave
Output voltage/currencyOpen circuit:raise time:1.2μs±30% pulse width:50μs±20%short circuit:raise time:8μs±20% pulse width:20μs±20%
Voltage range0.5~10kV±5%
Currency range0.25~10kA±5%
PolarityPositive/negative/automatic change
Power supplyAC440V/DC200V
Phase synchronizationAsynchronous/synchronous  0 to 359°(in 1°steps)
Output impedance
Display interfaceTouch screen
Upper computer interfaceStandard 485, programmable
Upper computer softwareSupport Windows operating system