EFT Simulator

As an important part of Lingshi EMC puzzle (magic cube) series, EFT series intelligent pulse train generator is composed of powerful host and excellent pulse train module, which fully meets the requirements of the latest standards and provides an effective evaluation method for electromagnetic compatibility fast transient pulse train immunity test of products.

1. Color touch screen control interface;

2. Interface directly and quickly write test program;

3. Built in calibration factor, convenient for users to calibrate equipment by themselves;

4. Standard RS485 interface, provide windows software and realize upper computer operation, and automatically generate test report;

5. Modular design architecture, easy to maintain and upgrade;

6. Carefully construct the interference generating circuit, with excellent interference characteristics.

Meet the standards:

IEC61000-4-4 Ed.3  IEC61000-4-4 Ed.2   EN61000-4-4   GB/T17626.4

Technical Parameter:

Output voltage0.1~5.5kV
Pulse Frequency0.1kHz~1000kHz Continuously adjustable
Pulse PolarityPositive/negative/ positive-negative index
Internal Resistance50Ω
Pulse front5ns±30%
Pulse width(在50Ω)50ns±30%
Pulse width(在1kΩ)35ns~150ns
Number of monopulse1~500 pulses
Pulse group period0.1s~60s Continuously adjustable
Testing functionInterference with any phase programmed injection, built-in IEC test level, voltage step
Coupling / decoupling networkBuilt in (expandable), three-phase 5-wire,AC440V/16A,DC200V/10A
ScreenFull-color touch screen
Software interfaceRS485(USB converter as a standard configuration)
SoftwareApply to Windows system
PowerAC220V 50/60Hz