IEC61000-3-2 , -3-3 Harmonic & Flicker

英國牛頓公司(Newtons4th Ltd.,簡稱N4L)是一家專業的設計和製造功率分析儀和頻率響應分析儀的儀器公司;英國牛頓N4L公司所生產的功率分析儀和頻率回應分析儀自推出以來,在全球贏得了多家認證機構的賞識和愛戴,是全球第一家取得ISO17025認證的功率分析儀廠商。

英國牛頓N4L公司面對的主要客戶群體是:全球各類檢測機構,品質檢驗檢疫機構,海關電子產品進出口,電源製造商,馬達製造商,光伏逆變器製造商,LED節能環保設備製造商,新能源汽車製造商,工業控制領域,家電生產商, 音訊生產商和電力變壓器研發,檢修機構等。



公司提供 Harmonic & Flicker (電源諧波和閃爍)單相(Single phase)與三相(Three phase)分析測試系統。

About Us:

Engineering Innovation

Newtons4th Ltd (abbreviated to N4L) was established in 1997 to design, manufacture and support innovative electronic equipment to a world-wide market. Specialising in sophisticated test equipment, particularly related to phase measurement, our product portfolio includes Frequency Response Analyzers(gain/phase analyzers), vector voltmeters, phase meters, Impedance Analyzers, true RMS voltmeters, Selective Level MetersLaboratory Power Amplifiers, andPower Analyzers.

The company was founded on the principle of using latest technology and sophisticated analysis techniques in order to provide our customers with accurate, easy to use instruments at a lower price than has been traditionally associated with these types of measurements.

Flexibility in our products and an attitude to providing the solutions that our customers really want has allowed us to develop many innovative functions in our ever increasing product range.

Our Name, Newtons4th

The name Newton (Sir Isaac) is synonymous with a thorough understanding of physical principles from observation of the real world. His well known 3 laws of motion are so simple and clear that they are easily learned and applied, yet they give us the tools to analyse the motion of very complex systems. The number 4 represents innovation, building on what is already established. Newtons4th – innovation based on established fundamental principles.



Newtons4th Ltd are ISO9001 registered, the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses.

In recognition of the technical innovation and commercial success of the PPA series, N4L received the “Innovation 2010″ Queen’s award for enterprise.