Single-Phase Voltage DIP Simulator

LIONCEL VDS-1103 single-phase AC voltage dip simulator is a high-reliability and high-precision test equipment specially designed for the characteristics and requirements of voltage dip, short interruption and voltage variation immunity test. The unique modular product structure makes it the best scalable AC-power-supply voltage fault simulation test equipment on the market. The performance of the equipment fully meets the requirements of IEC 61000-4-11 and GB/T17626.11 standards.


1. Fully meet the testing requirements of IEC61000-4-11 and GB/T17626.11.

2. Full-color touchscreen to realize programmable control by interface, IEC level setting, test waveform and real-time display of voltage and current parameters.

3. External expansion modular structure, the mainframe can work alone, can also extend the capacity to achieve universal grid simulation;

4. Fullycompatible for 50Hz and 60Hz, automatic detection of frequency and voltage, automatic operation and regulation.

5. Standard RS485 port, which can control upper computer.

6. Excellent voltage switching characteristics (switching time less than

5 s), fully meet the standard requirements.

Meet the standards:

IEC61000-4-11 EN61000-4-11   GB/T17626.11 

Technical Parameter:

EUT capacitySingle-phase,AC220V/32A
Power-grid frequency50Hz
Rated voltage(UT0-265V set arbitrarily(1V step)
Dip voltage0-265V±5%(1V step)
Current impulse>500A
Starting phase of dip(rise)0~359°(1°step)
Stop phase ofdip
IEC standardtest
Duration of dip(rise)0.5~9999 cycle(50Hz&60Hz)
Interval of dip(rise)0.5~9999 cycle(50Hz&60Hz)
Voltage timevariationFastest:1.5sSlowest:10s
Test times1~9999
InterfaceColor touchscreen
Software portRS485