Bulk Current Injection Test System (BCI)

BCI-4012 is the only domestic bulk current injection test system (BCI) which fully meets the ISO 11452-4 standard.


1.  Upper computer control, standard Chinese and English professional test software, complete function and excellent scalability.

2.  The power meter, current injection probe and calibration probe are from international famous manufacturers, and the test accuracy is guaranteed.

3.  Frequency range of system: 100kHz~400MHz;

4.  Built-in signal source frequency range: 9kHz~1GHz;

Built-in power amplifier frequency range: 100kHz~400MHz, 120W optional, linear power indicators.

6.  Built-in power meter: 9kHz~3GHz;

7.  Automatic calibration, fully automatic test and output power monitoring;

8.  External expansion test, support open-loop injection method and closed-loop test method.

Meet the standards:

ISO11452-4 GB/T17619

Technical Parameter:

Test current≥300mA
Output impedance
Signal source
Frequency9k~1GHz(extend up to 3GHz)
Output level-60~10dBm
Un-modulation signalContinuous-wave
Modulation modeAmplitude modulation      Modulation frequency:1Hz~10kHz
      Modulation depth:1~99%Impulse modulation      Modulation frequency:1Hz~1kHz      Duty cycle:  1~100%
Power amplifier
Output frequency100kHz~400MHz
MAX output power125W (linear power)
Power meter
Input frequency9kHz~3GHz
Input power-40dBm~+30dBm
System configuration
SoftwareSupport Windows system
Control portUSB
Output portN-type adaptor