EMCLioncel (EMS system)

Shanghai Lingshi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research of electromagnetic compatibility testing technology, R & D, manufacturing of immunity testing products, and integrated sales of electromagnetic compatibility testing system for many years. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a vice chairman unit of electromagnetic compatibility special committee of Shanghai metrology Association, and the only member of domestic equipment manufacturers in China branch of iectc77 Committee.

The company has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel dedicated to China’s electromagnetic compatibility testing technology and domestic first-class electromagnetic compatibility technical experts, who share the same aspiration and work hard for a common ideal – “providing professional electromagnetic compatibility solutions for China’s electronic products”. Its products always adhere to the design concept of “excellent domestic products, the first choice for testing laboratories”, and its quality and function are in the forefront of China.

The company pursues excellent quality and performance in products, strives to practice the guiding ideology of professional service supremacy in services, and provides comprehensive, professional and advanced EMC test products and solutions for Chinese users with the business philosophy of “professional technology, professional products and professional services”.

At present, the company not only can independently provide a full set of advanced domestic technology iec61000-4 electromagnetic compatibility standard family general immunity test products, but also provide professional test instruments for automotive electrical appliances, power instruments and low-voltage electrical appliances. Among them, emcpuzzle “magic cube” series intelligent immunity test system has a number of national patent technologies, and its unique test object fault judgment and early warning technology reflects the technical innovation consciousness of “we are not only made in China, but also created in China”, which is recognized by international peers.

Over the years, Shanghai Lingshi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. has made solid progress in providing complete EMS and EML test solutions for Chinese users by integrating domestic and foreign high-quality electromagnetic compatibility resources, relying on its profound technical background, good industry background and close cooperation with world-class electromagnetic compatibility manufacturers.

At present, the company has formed an industrial chain of product supply and service provision centering on EMC testing, design and application technology. In addition to the R & D and manufacturing of EMC immunity test equipment, it also independently develops and manufactures EMC test environment products such as shielding room and anechoic chamber that meet the requirements of EMC test. The company has a complete immunity test system including anechoic room, receiver and complete immunity test system Our laboratory can provide testing and design rectification services. What’s more, Lingshi electromagnetic is the only technical service provider capable of providing full range design and supervision services for EMC laboratory in China.

With the rapid development of enterprise scale and business performance, Lingshi electromagnetic always keeps in mind its social responsibilities. Every year, Lingshi electromagnetic holds many EMC technical seminars and training sessions in various parts of the country and for different users. The courses cover laboratory construction, standard publicity and implementation, EMC testing, EMC countermeasure technology and other aspects, benefiting hundreds of enterprises and training personnel Nearly a thousand people have effectively improved the understanding and mastery of EMC technology among Chinese electronic engineering technicians, enterprises and institutions. Among them, the course of EMC laboratory design and construction is the first one in China, which is unique to Lingshi. It has been held for three times so far, improving the construction level for many enterprises and institutions that have set up laboratories, saving a lot of energy and money Highly praised by users.

Today, with the compulsory technical certification system vigorously implemented by the Chinese government, Shanghai Lingshi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. (lion-cel) is willing to make its own contribution to improving the immunity level of China’s electronic and electrical EMC.

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